Our X-Ray Department is well equipped with highly trained & Experienced Radiographers. Open 24 Hours, we provide Quality Service with reliable Imaging. Our support staff, Dark Room Technicians, Attendants and Clerks are well trained for the caring of patients. 

We are backed by a Pool of Qualified & Experienced Consultant Radiologists for Accurate Reporting on X-Rays images for proper Diagnoses for Patients  

We do all Extremities and Routing X-Rays and Mobile X-Ray especially for in- ward patients. C-Arm Machine is used in the Theatre for both OPD & Warded Surgeries. We also do Dental X-ray imaging using a latest Dental X-Ray Machine. These Machines Produce Quality X-Ray Images approved by Consultants for their day to day Diagnoses. 

For More Information,

                                                 Tel :              0112558800                   Ext. 1104

                                                 E-Mail :           info@delmonhospital.com

                                                 Location :       1st Floor, X-Ray Department

                                                 Open Hours :  24 Hours

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