We possess a well equipped Physiotherapy Department with well qualified and experienced Physiotherapists closely involve in Rehabilitating Medical, Surgical, Hematological & Orthopedic Patients, also a friendly team of Physiotherapy Assistants to offer loving Care to the Patients to recover from their injuries and get back to their day to day life.

Following High Quality and reliable machines are available.

·         Ultra Sound Apparatus

·         Short – wave Diathermy machine

·         Micro – Wave Diathermy

·         Infra – Red

·         Electrical Nerve & Muscle Stimulator

·         Lumber & Cervical Traction Machine

·         Wax Bath Therapy


·         ISO – Metric Bicycle

·         Progressive Resisted Exercise machine

·         Suspension Exercisers

·         Parallel – Bars for Walking Training

For More Information,

            Tel :                    0112558800         Ext. 1106

                                                E-Mail :                 info@delmonhospital.com

                                                Location :             1st Floor, Physiotherapy Department

                                                Open Hours :        Monday  to  Friday          8.00am to   7.00pm

                                                                          Saturday & Sunday          8.00am to 12.00pm

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